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Noir Night: Raw Deal (1948)

Raw Deal is an early Anthony Mann film, one of several he made with famed cinematographer John Alton at the camera. The film stars Dennis O’Keefe as Joe Sullivan, a jailed gangster who believes that his upcoming, engineered jailbreak is on the … Continue reading

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Catholicism at the Cinema: Miracle of the Bells (1948)

The relationship between Hollywood and Catholicism has always been a complex and historically interesting one. While Catholics were influential in the creation and enforcing of a long-lasting censorship system (known as the Production Code), there were comparatively few movies which … Continue reading

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Actor Spotlight: Robert Ryan

A fine way to test the quality of a self-proclaimed classic film fan`s devotion is to ask him to recite his personal litany of favorite actors and actresses. If the acquaintance with film is still casual, you will probably receive such standard answers as “Humphrey Bogart,” “Jimmy Stewart,” “Elizabeth Taylor,” or … Continue reading

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Noir Night: Hollow Triumph (1948)

Although today Paul Henreid is best known for his roles as the patriotic husband in Casablanca and the dashing yet unattainable love interest in Now, Voyager, his acting career spanned several decades and contained a number of other notable roles. Because of … Continue reading

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