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A Thousand Clowns (1965): Film Review

Although many films have come to the screen via the stage, not all plays have been happily adapted to this more visual medium. The main problem faced by these kinds of projects have to do with the art form itself; … Continue reading

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Brewster`s Millions (1945)

One of the most fascinating plots of the past century was created by George Barr McCutcheon, who in 1902 published a novel entitled Brewster`s Millions. The hero of this novel receives an inheritance of seven million dollars from a wealthy … Continue reading

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Lady Julia Fish

“‘My goodness, I don’t want Pilbeam on the sick list now, of all times,’ said Lord Emsworth…. ‘Why now, particularly?’ asked Lady Julia. ‘Never mind,’ said Lord Emsworth darkly. ‘I only asked,’ said Lady Julia, ‘because I, personally, consider that … Continue reading

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