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Ikiru (1952): An Unconventional Easter Film Pick

Surprisingly enough, there aren`t a lot of specifically Easter-themed films. Some people compensate for this fact by watching religious movies at this time of the year, most often one of the great Biblical epics made in the 1950s and early 60s, things like Ben Hur … Continue reading

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Copper Sky (1957): Film Review

One of the most unusual short Westerns ever made is the 1957 Copper Sky. Running only 77 minutes, it has a very small cast and much of the screen time is devoted to the two leads, played by Jeff Morrow … Continue reading

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Highly Dangerous (1950): Film Review

Although it`s not a famous or traditional spy thriller, the 1950 British film Highly Dangerous offers a lot of fun in a compact, fast-paced 78 minutes. The film stars Margaret Lockwood as Frances Gray, a lady entomologist–a scientist who specializes in the study of … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Nancy Davis Reagan, 1921-2016

It was announced today that former First Lady Nancy Davis Reagan has died of heart failure in her California home. Born in 1921, Nancy had a brief Hollywood career before she married Ronald Reagan in 1952. Their marriage, which endured until Reagan`s death in … Continue reading

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