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Ruthless (1948): Film Review

The 1948 film Ruthless is often compared to Citizen Kane (1941), and with good reason. Both movies examine the lives of manipulative, megalomaniac businessmen whose Midas touch in monetary matters is paired with a limitless inability to forge enduring or meaningful … Continue reading

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The Judge by Rebecca West: An Appreciation

Although even an infrequent reader has many pleasures as he saunters slowly through the well-tended gardens of indubitable classics or rushes through the intoxicating pages of a thriller or detective story, it is the devotedly voracious reader who will in … Continue reading

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Patterns (1956): Film Review

The story at the heart of the 1956 film Patterns is both familiar and powerful, since it presents a moral dilemma which is as relevant and common today as it has ever been. Although many people will encounter their version … Continue reading

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Noir Night: I Walk Alone (1948)

Burt Lancaster began his remarkable film career in a string of equally remarkable noir films. His breakthrough role in The Killers (1946) was eventually followed in 1948 by a picture entitled I Walk Alone, which costarred Lizabeth Scott and Kirk Douglas, … Continue reading

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Hail, Hollywood! : 8 Films on Tinseltown

One of the most exciting pieces of news for lovers of classic films in the past few years has been the recent appearance of a trailer for a new Coen Brothers film called Hail, Caesar!, to be released on February 4th. If the trailer … Continue reading

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