A Generation of Devils Laid in the Souls of Children

“It goes so far back and so deep,” Ray said. “You see, parents might not realize it, but it’s their behavior that invites these possessors in.”

Mike neither nodded nor answered.

“Sexual behavior, blasphemy, you know the kind of thing I mean,” Ray said. “Even if they aren’t consciously worshiping the devil, I mean assenting to him, these parents are caught up in these behaviors, and it all comes to the same thing. A tacit pact. And the children are the ones to suffer. All across this land. The boys and the girls know nothing of it, and maybe won’t know until one day someone calls on those devils within them. I think we’re raising up an awful harvest now, and in ten-twenty years we’re going to start reaping; the devils invited in now by these parents are going to start to speak, thought they’ve kept silent all these years. And those kids are going to start to remember what was done to them. We’re going to see terrible things then, hear terrible things said. We are going to find a generation of devils was laid in the souls of our children like the eggs of some kind of insect.” (John Crowley, Daemonomania, p.78)


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